What is hydromulching/seeding?

Hydroseeding is a blend of wood- fibre mulch, fertiliser, seed and water mixed to a slurry in a purpose built tank and sprayed onto your prepared site. The mulch protects the seed, retains water and ensures even germination. The fibre is dyed green which also gives a grass- like effect immediately.

This process provides a fast and cost effective way to establish lawns and all grassed areas. The final result is a lush green lawn.

The Advantages
  • Quick application and germination
  • Cost effective
  • Ideal on slopes and banks
  • Higher germination rates
  • Dust control

The Growing-in Stage

Irrigation in the first 2-3 weeks is most important for getting your new lawn to germinate evenly and quickly.The mulch must be kept damp at all times so the emerging seedlings do not dry out. Under or over watering can both produce unfavorable results.

The hydroseeding product is weed-free but weed seed is always present in the soil whether supplied to you or existing. When you start watering your new lawn, weeds will also start to appear. These can be controlled with a selective weed-spray when your lawn is established.

All our clients are given full instructions on how to care for their newly hydroseeded lawn and how to maintain it.

All grass seed supplied is custom blended for individual requirements, tested and certified.